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Do you suffer from persistent pain or do you know someone who does?

As you can guess from our name, Pain Support Jersey, we can help you. We cannot wave magic wands to make pain disappear or provide the cures for all known ills. We wish that we could. But we can offer support, friendship and understanding and hopefully help make your life more fulfilling.

Let’s face it, life with persistent pain is limiting, annoying, tiring and frustrating. Members of Pain Support Jersey know all too well the effects of persistent or chronic pain as we live with it every day. Defined as pain which lasts for more than three months, persistent pain has many triggers, for example it may follow surgery, be caused by arthritis or have its roots in fibromyalgia or back problems. But whatever the reason for its arrival, it is pain which won’t go away. 

The magic wand may not exist but there are ways to manage and ease the pain, psychologically and physically, such as gentle exercise, friendship, mindfulness and relaxation. 

Pain can make people isolated and lonely. We know that it’s hard to motivate yourself when pain plays such a big part in your life, but we can provide that motivation and encouragement.  Join us at our Tuesday classes where we do gentle exercises, taken at your own pace and under supervision. Make new friends over a cup of coffee or a walk in the beautiful countryside. Everyone’s story is individual but we all understand what it is like to live with pain. More importantly, we understand how vital it is to live a fulfilling life despite the pain. 

PSJ is associated with the Pain Management Centre at Overdale, whose professional staff helped to form the group six years ago, when it was called SMILE. Now renamed Pain Support Jersey, the group has a new chairman, Dr Chad Taylor, who is the Island’s main pain consultant, strengthening our links with the centre.  

‘Persistent pain is a serious condition which causes severe disability if not managed appropriately,’ says Dr Taylor. ‘With the appropriate support and guidance that disability can be significantly reduced, with an eventual improvement in pain and quality of life.’

Together with the team at the Pain Management Centre, our charity offers that support and guidance, and we hope that you will come along and find out for yourself. As Dr Taylor says in an interview on this website, there are about 10,000 people in Jersey who are affected by persistent pain. If you are one of them, or a friend or relative, get in touch. The more people who are involved in Pain Support Jersey, the more activities and support we will be able to offer, thereby improving more people’s quality of life. 

Please get in touch by phone, email, the website or post.

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