About Us

Run by and for individuals living with persistent pain, Pain Support Jersey is a local charity offering practical help, friendship, and encouragement. Our mission is to guide people experiencing pain and promote understanding within the community.

We are proud to be fully registered with the Jersey Charity Commission and the Association of Jersey Charities. Our non-profit organisation is governed by a passionate and committed volunteer Committee and managed by our dedicated Charity Administrator and Development Officer.


Our Team

  • Dr Chad Taylor, Chairman.
  • Jennie Langlois, Vice Chair
  • Sandra Burt, Secretary
  • Becky Sprent, Treasurer
  • Heidi Crossley, Committee Member
  • Sue Le Marchand, Committee Member
  • Abi Taylor, Committee Member
  • Rosy O'Doherty, Committee Member
  • Kate Kelly, Charity Administrator and Development Officer


Partnership with the Pain Service

Our partnership with the Pain Service is essential to our mission. We work together to provide gentle exercise sessions, recreational and vocational activities led by Pain Specialist Physiotherapists and a Vocational Coordinator. This collaboration sets us from other pathways in Jersey, bridging the gap between Government and third sector services. By working together, we ensure that Islanders coping with persistent pain receive the support they need.


Our History 

Originally founded as 'Smile' in 2009, we rebranded to Pain Support Jersey in 2012 to better reflect our mission. By 2013, our services expanded to include indoor exercise sessions. In January 2020, in response to our growing community, we relocated to the spacious St Clement’s Parish Hall. Unfortunately, just two months later, COVID-19 halted our indoor activities! We quickly switched to outdoor sessions in Millbrook Park and continued to provide support to our growing membership.

In March 2023, we were excited to welcome Dr. Karen Kyd as our first official Patron. Dr. Kyd, the wife of the Lieutenant Governor, is a GP. Her expertise helps her understand how pain affects people's lives. In October 2023, we were delighted to have Dr. Karen Kyd join one of our gentle exercise sessions in Millbrook Park. During her visit, Dr. Kyd had the opportunity to chat with members and our Pain Specialist Physiotherapists, seeing first hand how we assist islanders with persistent pain.  

In January of this year, we strengthened our team with the addition of an Administrator and Charity Development Officer. This new role provides support for the Committee, freeing them up to focus on their volunteer roles and fully engage as members. This is important because our charity is run by people with persistent pain.





14 Jun 2024 Exercise Session Millbrook Park

10:00am - 14 June

Gentle exercise with Mike & Orla

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2024 £100 Donation from David Lucken

20 May, 2024

Thank you again to David Lucken for remembering PSJ and making another generous donation…

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