How We Help

Are you experiencing persistent pain? You're not alone.

At Pain Support Jersey, we understand the challenges faced by people living with pain and are here to provide practical help, friendship, and encouragement.

We're more than just a charity; we're like a big family, providing a welcoming place where people can come together, share experiences, and lift each other up.

We offer a range of activities designed to help individuals effectively manage persistent pain. These activities include gentle and seated exercise sessions, recreational and vocational activities, social events, and educational talks.

Craft and Chat Group

A supportive space to explore your creativity and connect with others on a similar journey. Crafting promotes mindfulness, distracting from pain and reducing stress. Craft projects provide a sense of accomplishment and purpose, enhancing your well-being despite pain challenges.


Cookery classes featuring anti-inflammatory foods are beneficial for individuals with persistent pain. Learning to prepare nutritious meals, helps you feel stronger and happier, even when you’re in pain.


Warm water reduces joint pressure and eases muscle tension for natural relief. Gentle exercises improve flexibility and strength, while the soothing properties of water promote relaxation. It's a safe way to manage pain and improve your well-being.

Gentle Exercise

Gentle exercise in the park helps ease pain, improves mobility, and boosts well-being in a peaceful setting surrounded by trees and nature. Being outside and across the road from the beach is refreshing! Exercising with others is a fun way to make friends, get emotional support, and feel less lonely and stressed.

Our gentle exercise sessions are now on YouTube. Why not join in with Mike, our Pain Specialist Physiotherapist, and see what we get up to!

Gentle Yoga

Slow movements and relaxation techniques help ease tension, improve flexibility, and reduce discomfort, leading to greater body awareness and lower stress levels. Yoga promotes better circulation, strengthens muscles, and enhances mood, contributing to overall well-being and improved pain management.


Clinical trials show that mindfulness meditation can work as well as prescription painkillers. It also boosts the body's natural healing systems. Additionally, mindfulness  helps reduce anxiety, depression, irritability, exhaustion, and insomnia caused by chronic pain and illness. 


Petanque, is great for persistent pain. It's easy on joints and muscles, helping improve flexibility and coordination. Playing with others builds community, reducing loneliness. It also keeps your mind active, distracting from pain and enhancing your well-being.

Sea Swimming

Sea swimming is beneficial for persistent pain, relieving joint pressure, muscle tension, and swelling. Cold water stimulates happy chemicals in the brain, enhancing your overall well-being. The peaceful beach environment is relaxing and calm, aiding pain management.

Seated Exercise

Seated exercise in the parish hall is very helpful for people dealing with persistent pain, especially those with limited mobility. It helps manage pain, improves mobility and boosts well-being in a comfortable indoor setting. Being part of group sessions creates a lively atmosphere with laughter, helps build new friendships, and gives valuable emotional support.


Singing releases happy chemicals, making you feel better. It's social, reducing loneliness. Singing also relaxes you, easing muscle tension. Making music together brings joy, uplifting your spirits despite pain.

Technology Support

Technology Support offers practical help with tasks such as internet banking registration, fraud prevention, and email setup. Members gain important skills and guidance, helping them handle digital challenges and understand online safety better. The course boosts independence and reduces stress by explaining technology clearly.